Major Field of Heroes Art + Game Play Update in Development

The downloads of the free prototype of Field of Heroes continue to trickle in on I was hoping the game play "fun factor" could overshadow the art, music and lack of polish; but I don't think that's the case. Since its initial release I've done the following:

  • Contracted a game designer to add new abilities to all the characters and rebalance them to make the game less of a button masher
  • Contracted a game studio to create new art assets including all four characters and one medieval soccer field
  • Changed the networking from p2p to client-server to resolve lag-related issues (these changes have not been released)

The process will take several more months of work while I refactor other elements of the game itself such as the menu systems to be less mechanical and more immersive.

When everything is finished I will post a FREE update here on

So stay tuned and check in every once in a while!

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